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The Definition of Success & How mine just changed.

We are all chasing success, but what is your definition of success?

Over 70 years ago Earl Nightingale gave us the definition of success:

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal."

I loved the simplicity and timeless nature of the definition, but there was just one problem:

It didn't work for me.

You see I was getting up early, attacking the day and accomplishing tons, but still not feeling like I was successful and then it dawned on me:

I was living in the FUTURE at the expense of my PRESENT!

I have 7 amazing children and a beautiful wife, but I was too fixated on our awesome future to be successful with them in the moment. This realization taught me once and for all that BALANCE truly is everything like YIN & YANG we need to seek progress with presence!

Progress in the RIGHT direction while be present with the RIGHT people.

The future is coming and we need the daily disciplines to prepare for it and shape ourselves to conquer the challenges that will inevitably present themselves, but we must not let that sobering reality rob us of the moments with our treasured relationships. So the only thing left to say is, how are you progressing today toward your worthy ideals while being truly present with the worthy relationships in your life? Get after it!

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