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Improvement: How it Actually Works

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

We all want to improve in a variety of facets of our lives, but how do we actually do so in a consistent manner?

If you hang out with people you are better than in a particular field, chances are you will not improve very much. The sure fire way to avoid becoming complacent is to step out of your comfort zone and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Complacency kills progress!

The less comfortable you are, the less complacent you will be and the more likely you will strive and struggle to catch back up and feel comfortable in your peer group.

Turn off the Autopilot

Habits are a great way to allow ourselves a break from discipline, but true discipline is doing the thing you are not comfortable with because it will ultimately get you to where you want to be in life. When we allow our habits to take the wheel we are essentially saying we have peaked in this or that skill and no longer require improvement. The only way to consistently improve is to to consistently push the envelope and fight your ego that desperately wants to look good all the time. Just like learning a new language, you need to make thousands of mistakes to become fluent.

What language or skill do you want to become fluent in? Are you prepared to make the thousands of mistakes necessary to do so? You will only improve if you are willing to look silly sometimes and then stick to it even when the fun and excitement fades and all that remains is hard work and consistency!

Act Now!

What area matters most in your life and where are the gaps between your current state and your vision for your future? Close the gaps by running with the right pack. Search for the group right now that you want to crack into in order to play at your best in the game of life! Don't wait. Act now!

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