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If your life was a film would you watch it?

Reality tv programming has been around for a while now, but would you watch your own show if it was on right now or would you rather change the channel?

The coolest part about being human is our ability to change! Without change there would be no real motivation to try harder, find meaningful relationships or impact the world in a positive manner!

Why CHANGE is Cool

“Change allows you to make TODAY so awesome that YESTERDAY gets jealous!”

Every day is another opportunity to reinvent ourselves and live more fulfilled and happy. Every decision we make is a vote to revolutionize our existence or maintain the status quo. Imagine watching your life on reality tv and ask yourself what would you like the next episode to have more of? What would be a great season finale? What would next season need to have in order to keep viewers entertained? How would you like the characters in the cast to develop individually and collectively?

The Power of Editing

Thankfully reality tv uses the magic of editing to filter out all the truly boring parts and build up suspense to keep you coming back after the break, but how can you harness the power of editing to filter out the boring patches of your day? Ask yourself what can be automated, delegated or eliminated and spend more time living, learning and loving what you do!

Focus on Creating

The more you create, the more powerful you become. The more you consume, the more powerful others become.” -James Clear

Instead of watching film and television to pass the time watch yourself get smarter, healthier and ultimately happier by creating a life you do not need to escape. Edit the boring parts as much as possible and be sure the main character in your life story is developing and improving season after season and living an entertaining and happy story instead of a cautionary tale or even a horror story!

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