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Martial Arts for Children

              The purpose of our children's program is to instill confidence in our youth as they develop themselves from the inside out. It's a balance of both mental and physical training in order to create well-rounded individuals that understand how to better their lives through hard work and discipline.
Most people think of Karate as fighting, but we are not a sport like Judo, BJJ or even Tae Kwon Do. We are a traditional Martial Art with a focus on Self-Defense and Character Development. Each month the student's learn new anchor phrases along with their self-defense techniques to help them grow mentally as well as physically. Here are just a few of our anchor phrases:
Actions Speak ... Louder than Words!
Focus like a ...  FIRE HOSE, don't be a ... SPRINKLER!
Life is like a camera, you develop what you... FOCUS ON!
Where there is no Balance ... THERE IS NO POWER!

We work with and are a vendor for all the Charter Schools in the Antelope Valley so talk to your teacher about how you can train at The Hidden Dojo using your child's funds while fulfilling your P.E. credit!

Why We Exist

     We exist to change lives. We are not just a gym where people sign up and then never show up. We set people on a path of self-discovery that changes their lives forever. The Dojo has a Three-Fold Mission:

1. Teach Self-Defense 2. Increase Physical Fitness  and most of all 3. Cultivate Character. It is our mission to instill confidence in our students as they develop themselves from the inside out on their  journey towards self-mastery. This is achieved by adherence to our martial charter :



  • Cultivate Character

your real goal here is to move from self-discovery towards self-mastery

  • Train Daily

progress requires daily effort both mental & physical

  • Humility

being humble is being teachable and finding value in everything     

  • Discipline

doing what you need to do to get you where you want to go

  • Role Model

setting an example of the above to your fellow students both junior & senior

  • Contribute

the arts we teach cannot survive without your support & contribution


If you feel like your child, and your entire family for that matter, can benefit from this program then please give us a call or fill in your information to take the first step in your child's growth and development!

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