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We love The Hidden Dojo!  The whole atmosphere is very family friendly and the methods in which they teach are gentle, but solid. We tried another dojo out before committing to this one and it was a night and day difference. The environment here is calm and relaxed, and has taught my son so much respect and self awareness.                                                                                                  -Jennifer B.

For anyone looking for a great dojo for their kids or themselves, The Hidden Dojo is the one.  A friend recommended the dojo to me years ago but my son had been at a different martial arts dojo for years so I was hesitant to move him.  A couple of years later I decided to take him to watch a class and he wanted to try it.  He has now been at The Hidden Dojo for years and still loves it.  This dojo is focused on the traditional Japanese Jujutsu. The kids are taught focus and discipline with kindness and patience. They are rewarded for their efforts by earning their next belt rank, when they demonstrate what they have learned, during testing.  There is no fee for testing and you don't pay for your next belt. Anyone who has tried martial arts before knows how unusual that is.  The owner Derek is a great teacher and he takes the time to train anyone on his staff to be good examples, teachers, and leaders too. Lots for adults too, even sword classes and Japanese language instruction if you are looking for that.  Great place full of good people!  -Dawn W.

Overall Excellent
Found a wonderful little Dojo where the emphasis is on learning instead of testing for belts. Both our kids are involved and love it. Derek is very unpretentious and low key, but takes teaching very personally. He is all about preparing you from day one to avoid getting into a fight. To be aware of your surroundings. Very much about mastering and knowing your own body.                                      -Harry E.

Great dojo that attracts awesome people and makes you feel like part of a family. 

I looked all over the place for a traditional dojo for my kids to learn martial arts. Finally found Sensei Derek's dojo and enrolled my kids. 

A few years later this dojo has become a very large part of our lives with our entire family spending most weekday nights training the three arts that Derek teaches. He is by far the best teacher I have had in my 34 years of practicing martial arts (competitively). 

If your focus is self defense, go for Kamishin Ryu. If you want to dig deep into a traditional form, try KoKoDo Ryu and if you like Japanese swordsmanship Nakamura Ryu is for you. Many dojo members end up traveling to Japan and across the US for training and competition, but if travel is not for you: Derek often invites experts from Japan (and elsewhere) to teach here (made easier because Derek is fluent in Japanese). 

Look no further for a world class martial arts experience. Just be prepared to get completely hooked, and become a better person in the process!         -Ian K.

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